“Real Results, Real Time, Really Fun”
Marla’s services and coaching is absolutely amazing!  From the first time we chatted on the phone, her warmth and authenticity is so genuine; as is her wanting to help.  I can’t call it “working” with her, as it was way too much fun to be considered “work!”  It is more like playing with the universe; drilling down to what you want and need.  Her gentle nudging with questions you may had not already thought of (or did not want to), really helps you with clarity and confidence.  I went form 8-9 months without meeting anyone of substance (after I ended a 3 yr relationship) to literally EVERY time I go out with my girlfriends, being asked or given a phone #!  It is so different now, Marla’s guidance gets you on the right path; I am so fortunate to have had our paths cross!  Thank you Marla!

-Sheila C.