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A 90 Day group mentorship and online community for women who want to receive all the RICHNESS that resides in this Great Pause

“Solutions don’t come from pushing, they come from pausing.”

-Gabby Bernstein

In the blink of an eye, our world has changed.

Yet, in times of uncertainty, we are reminded you can only be certain about…

The ATTITUDE you want to have …
How you want to SHOW UP …
The UPLIFTING PEOPLE you want to surround yourself with

We have been given the opportunity to reset, revise our priorities and decide NOW who we want to be on the other side of this.

Do you really want to ride this out, or are you ready build something different? Something even better than what you had before?

If you are determined to Rise up from ‘Rona, but feel stuck and not sure where to go from here, then the


Masterclass just may what you’re looking for.

I’m known for being a masterful manifestor and a builder of powerful, award-winning communities for women. I’ve been blown away by the miracles I have created for myself and witnessed for the women I mentor.

This Masterclass will be your sacred space where inspiration, growth and prosperity can transpire. And I am calling in other amazing, ambitious, positive-minded women like you to be a part of it.

Throughout this program, you will receive a double benefit:

  • You have access to me, my trainings and trainings from my guest experts
  • You will be connecting and building relationships with a powerful group of women. It’s a container of high-bibe energy that can amplify your results


Case in point… check out the incredible results my client, Colleen, experienced two days after attending my first retreat this past January where we did mindset work around receiving more financial abundance.

(Note: My lawyers would make sure I say these results are not typical. But it does show what’s possible.)

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Expect an alchemy of curated lessons, tools, resources and guest experts plus a powerful online community of positive, like-minded women.

Like Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday” our masterclass will meet on Sundays. This will be your sacred “me time” where you get to soak up the lessons that will have you feeling more clear, inspired & ready to take on the week.

Having a strong, positive mindset is everything.

So think of it as your weekly “pill of positivity” to help you move past fears & anxiety when it attempts to creep in.

Over the course of 90 days, the training will be bite-sized so you will feel you’re making progress without the overwhelm.  We will focus on these main areas (and so much more): 

  1. Begin to create a life by DESIGN instead of DEFAULT

  2. Improve your mindset around MONEY, and strengthen your ability to RECEIVE more ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY 

  3. GET OVER YOUR BULLSHIT, get out of your own way and kick limiting beliefs to the curb

  4. Learn my most powerful MANIFESTATION tips that I learned from my mentors over the years start becoming a magnet for MIRACLES yourself

We’ll meet every Sunday at 10:30am for 3 months, Starting June 7th. 

All lessons will be about 30 minutes, plus time for group Q&A and connections. They will be recorded and available for you to view for a year in our new member portal.


  • Weekly group training and transformational calls with me every Sunday so you will kick each week off with a mindset refresh and keep your positive momentum going.
  • Training will also include lessons from my inner-circle of experts so you will gain a curated experience and knowledge you need to re-define your life and goals.
  • Accountability; by being a part of a community of women sharing their own Ah-Has! and miracles, which will inspire you to show up and take full advantage of the offerings.
  • Curated lists of tools and resources that have made the biggest impact in my life. This includes getting summaries of my favorite books such a UNTAMED and the LAW OF DIVINE COMPENSATION
  • The ability to connect with fellow like-minded women through an online community on our private Facebook group. Lessons will take place via Zoom and recordings will be posted both in our Facebook group and also in the membership portal on this website.
  • Mindset motivation delivered directly to your phone so you can maintain a positive headspace (esp. when you read the news)
  • The opportunity to attend an in-person post-class celebration and meeting your new friends in the flesh (when it’s deemed safe).


As a result of this program, you will be able to…

Re-define your priorities and DECLARE what you will CALLING INTO your life and LETTING GO of as we adjust to this new normal

Create a VISION BOARD that is aligned with your upgraded mindset so you have a visual of the things you are calling into your life going forward (yup, I will have a great training on Vision Boards)

Improve your ability to RECEIVE abundance that is trying to find it’s way to you

Shift out of feeling stuck and begin to feel LIT UP about life again and excited to keep the momentum going


Make new friends with a similar belief system that you’ll want to get to know better and get together with in person (when you’re able to)

Realign your expectations and your standards and get clear on your desires and what you want to call in

Get off the Quarantine Roller Coaster of emotions.


Begin to receive more abundance in every area of your life (eg.increased opportunities, deepened relationships, more creativity, and of course financial prosperity as well).

Right away, you will be able to implement my manifestation tips + the strategies that have allowed me to thrive no matter WHAT the conditions are!


There are so many causes that need our support now more than ever. This is why a portion of this program’s proceeds will be donated to the Rachel and Troy Foundation, a local nonprofit that provides support and assistance to women and children of abuse.


If you feel drawn to this program, I want to make this an easy YES for you. I truly believe this can have a massively positive impact in your life.   This is why I made this experience as affordable as possible. If you want to join in on this, but are struggling financially, contact me to work something out.

Payment in full

  • Save $33 by paying in full
  • Access to all the trainings and the online member portal for a year

Three Installments

  • Access to all the trainings and online member portal for a year

Individual Mentorship

  • Access to the program, plus weekly 30 min private calls with me over the 90 days
  • Calls will take place on Zoom and recordings will be uploaded to your membership portal


Marla, it was so wonderful to join the amazing group of ladies and to be a part of your 1st retreat. The information you gave is is invaluable for growth & finding joy in our lives. Your recommendations, stories, and sessions were absolutely perfect!

You are amazing. No one else in our area does what you do. The world is your oyster!

Marla, Your first Up-Level retreat at the beach was a smashing success and you should be feeling very proud.  For me, it was a pivotal weekend. I know with certainty we ALL changed as a result of your workshop. First and foremost, you did a wonderful job conducting the sessions. We covered a lot of ground yet the pace was inviting and relaxed. I never felt pressured or hurried.  

The group of people you mainfested for your first retreat was exactly the right one-but of course because this is YOU were are talking about.  I LOVED the conversations and the fact we each learned from the other. We each contributed in a true synergetic fashion. The whole was in fact greater than the sum of it’s parts. 

Everyone walked away enriched by the experience!  Both in body and soul… 

It was so special to be able to connect with a remarkable group of women, of all different walks of life, yet sharing the common bond of wishing to manifest their Higher Selves…

I’m still giddy with enthusiasm for having made such connections! 

Kudos to you, Marvelous Marla!!

I believe that my testimonial will best help those who are intrigued but relatively new or uninformed about mindfulness and manifestation. I attended Marla’s first retreat because I really enjoy being around her and I’m a member of the professional organization which she founded, The Walnut Club.

My thinking going in was that I might pick up a pearl or two of advice/wisdom, I would have a nice time being at the beach and perhaps I would make a new friend. I hadn’t been anywhere for the weekend in awhile.That alone was well worth the very reasonable cost. I wanted a restorative weekend.

Talk about underestimating. As I said to Marla, the pearl or two of wisdom I thought I’d receive turned into a whole bucket!

I am still very much a “newbie” as the other attendees called me, to this sort of content and mindset. I wouldn’t say I am a magical thinking person. I am aware of the benefits of creative visualization. However, what I was exposed to was of such value that I will continue to educate myself and I will utilize Marla’s services. Marla has many years of study and experience on these topics that I simply wouldn’t have the time for. There was tremendous value beyond the content.

Even though I knew virtually nothing about the focus of the retreat everyone was so kind and very positive. The other women I met are high performers in their professional and personal lives. They are inspiring and definitely worth getting to know. These are women I will try to maintain relationships with.  

I also loved the pace at which Marla facilitated our time together. She orchestrated all our exercises so that while I learned a ton, I also never felt rushed, we had some time to ourselves and we had fun! 

I got so much more than what I paid for. I would definitely pay more than I did to attend now that I have experienced it. I got a really high return on investment.

I am excited to have this group in my corner and I cannot wait to get together again and hear about all the wonderful things that they made happen in their lives. I will be giving another testimonial after I start working with Marla. If you are ready to “Up Level” your life, this is the way to start. The only thing you have to bring is an open mind and the desire to improve your life and the lives of those around you. Nothing happens if you do nothing. Do it! You won’t regret it.

My Story


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For over 15 years, my healthy obsession with self-development has expanded my mind, deepened my soul connection, and helped me overcome debilitating fears.

As a result, I’ve been able to do the work to continually up-level and create a life of my dreams.  I’m now on a mission to teach other women how they can do the same.

I know I was put on this earth to help women awaken to their own magic, step into their power and increase their abundance (especially when it comes to money). 

I’ve studied with the best coaches in the world, continually read & educate myself, and I’ve taken several programs- all on on various topics ranging from mindset, to money to manifestation.

By constantly learning, testing and growing (and getting results), I am able to share “the best of the best” mindset tools and teachings out there that have proven results.

I especially love working with women who have the audacity to believe it’s possible to create a life and career beyond their wildest dreams- because it is! 

“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for” – Oprah 

I believe you should be mentored by someone who has already created results for themselves. 

So here are some achievements I have been able to call into my life:

  • Trips around the world where I got paid to travel (which was soul enriching and life-affirming)
  • As a single woman, bought my dream house in the city that was under budget and new construction
  • Manifested EVERY audacious goal I had on my vision board
  • Met and married my soulmate husband that was everything on “my list” and more
  • Created a thriving community of The Walnut Club, comprised of powerful, kind and supportive women. Then was able to call in qualified new leaders to take over, allowing me to step down in 2019.  
  • Designed a life and career of my dreams that allows me to make a massive positive impact through being of service to women

If you want to learn how to Prosper (in every sense) through this Great Pause and beyond, then come join us!

P.S. If you really want to join, but you are having financial difficulties because of COVID-19, contact me at and we can try work something out. I don’t want money to be a barrier for any woman to better herself.